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Comparing Charitable Giving Options

Start-Up Costs
Initial Minimum
Operating Costs
Grant Due Diligence & Reporting
Donor's role in investment
Investment Options
Donor's role in grant making
Grant to Individuals
Grant to Charity
Role of donor's family
TerraTundra Donor-Advised Fund
Cash or securities totalling at least $2,500.
Total annual operating costs targeted at 1%.
Responsibility of TerraTundra Foundation.
Donor does not control assets, but retains advisory privileges over the donor-advised account.
Access to 4 mutual funds including the TerraTundra Equity Income Fund.
Can recommend grants to any eligible grant recipients.
Not permitted.
Donor can often name additional donor-advisors to participate in all account privileges and name individuals as successors to assume all account privileges after donor's death.
Donor chooses the level of privacy: option to be acknowledged for grant recommendations or alternatively, remain anonymous.
Private Foundations
Typically $15,000 or more.
Typically more than $1 million.
Total annual operating costs vary but may be higher.
Responsibility of Foundation staff.
Donor controls assets and is able to exercise control over investment management, while adhering to specific rules.
Investment decisions must be made by the foundation board.
Able to exercise control over grant making within specific rules.
Donor can appoint relatives to the board of directors, give them responsibility over the day-to-day activities of running the foundation, and, subject to certain limitations, provide compensation.
Annual filing is a public record of assets, contributors, and grants.

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