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Complementing a Private Foundation
The TerraTundra donor-advised account can work with a private foundation and provide investors with added philanthropic flexibility as shown below.

Private Foundation
Has the following advantages for those who...

Have more than $3 million to give
Desire maximum control over the use of funds
Want the option to make as wide an array of investments as possible
Wish to make grants to individuals
Seek to appoint relatives to the board of directors & give them responsibility over the day-to-day activities


TerraTundra Donor-Advised Account
May be combined with a TerraTundra Donor-Advised Account to...

Utilize and donate Flow-Through investments and smaller gifts more effectively and at lower cost
Simplify donations
Retain the option to donate anonymously or be acknowledged
Name additional donor-advisors to participate in all account privileges
Name individuals as successors to assume all account privileges after donor's death.
Provide the donor - or heirs - the option to terminate the private foundation and convert to a donor-advised fund




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