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Donor-Advised Account Information
A donor-advised account is defined as an account owned by TerraTundra Foundation (the "Foundation") with respect to which account advisors or authorized parties on the account may recommend grants to charitable organizations and investment allocations of assets among certain investments. Individuals, trusts, corporations, foundations, partnerships, and estates are all eligible to establish donor-advised accounts.

Naming of Accounts
The Foundation allows you to name the donor-advised account that is established with your donation. Unless you request anonymity for a grant, the account name will appear in the letter that accompanies each grant check issued from your donor-advised account. Donors often name accounts for their families, in honour of a loved one, or for a charitable cause (e.g. The John Henry Charitable Fund, The Smith Family Land Conservation Fund).

A donor is the prior owner of assets that have been contributed to the Foundation in order to fund a program account. Donors may include individuals, corporations, private foundations, trusts, and other charitable organizations. Donors who initially fund the donor-advised account have the privileges of naming the account and recommending the initial investment allocation, as well as nominating a maximum of two account advisors and successor advisors. Independently, each account advisor may recommend grants from the donor-advised account and recommend exchanges among the investment funds.

Additional donors such as individuals or organizations are allowed to make contributions into the account once it is established. While these individuals receive tax substantiation letters from the Foundation for their gifts, they do not have any privileges with respect to the program account. (Only the additional donor qualifies for a tax deduction when the additional donor makes a contribution to a donor-advised account.) Account advisors are the individuals who have ongoing program account privileges and ongoing contact with the Foundation.

Minimum Contributions
The Foundation reviews all proposed contributions before accepting them. Contributions are irrevocable upon acceptance by the Foundation. Contributions and any future related earnings are no longer the property of the donor; they are owned by the Foundation. The minimum initial contribution required to establish a donor-advised account is $10,000. A group of donors may establish a donor-advised account by pooling contributions of $5,000 or more each. Each donor will receive the documentation needed for tax reporting. Donors can make additional contributions of $5,000 or more at any time. In fact, any individual, corporation, trust, or charitable organization may contribute to the Foundation to augment any existing program account. Again, groups of donors may only donate if each individual's contribution is valued at $5,000 or more.

Acceptable Asset Types
TerraTundra Foundation generally accepts contributions of cash equivalents (personal cheque, bank cheque or money order made payable to the Foundation), publicly traded securities and shares of most mutual funds.
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