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Setting up your Donor Account
The TerraTundra Giving Program (the "Giving Program") is a donor-advised giving fund designed to provide you all the advantages of a private foundation but without the upfront costs and administrative responsibilities. It is a simple, convenient and smart way to give to your favourite charities that also provides immediate and substantial tax benefits.

Make grant recommendations easily ... 7 Simple Steps
1. Initial Gift Decide on how much you'd like to donate to the TerraTundra Foundation. The initial gift to your fund must be at least $10,000 and may be funded through the contribution of TerraTundra Equity Income Mutual Fund or other Terra Mutual Fund shares, through the sale of other mutual fund shares or provided in the form of cash or public securities in the form of shares or bonds.
2. Name your Fund Decide what you'd like to call your fund. Every time a grant is sent to a charity, your fund's name will be acknowledged as the source of the gift such as "The Henry Family Charitable Giving Fund" or use "The Giving Fund" if you choose to grant anonymously.
3. Name additional Account Holders (optional) Name any other eligible individual including an advisor you've appropriately authorized to make grant recommendations.
4. Schedule Your grant recommendation can be set up as a one-time event or as an ongoing remittance or "scheduled grant" for the following frequencies: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.
5. Make the Donation Your donation is made through a donor grant and is funded with the sale of investments held by TerraTundra Foundation.
6. Make your recommendations Select which registered charities you wish to receive grants.
7. Name your Successor You can choose a successor for your Fund. For example, you may choose to name a child or another family member in order to establish a multigenerational tradition of philanthropy.

The Giving Program handles the rest
We take care of all the administrative tasks for you.
1. The Giving Program verifies the CRA public charity status before sending your grant.
2. Based on your specific recommendations, a cover letter is sent to each charity specifying the special purpose of the grant.
3. Copies of all grant confirmations and letters are sent to you.
4. A quarterly summary of all grant and contribution activities is sent to you.
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